Web Culture

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Trump might hate Amazon now, but he loved it when he was promoting his book
The Daily Dot | March 29, 2018

Inside the conservative echo chamber that propelled #ReleaseTheMemo
The Daily Dot | March 8, 2018

Trump tweeted ‘covfefe’ a year ago, and the internet is ablaze once more
The Daily Dot | May 31, 2018

As Trump met with North Korea, the internet was memeing
The Daily Dot | June 12, 2018

Cracking the Trumps’ massive ‘egg’ following on Twitter
The Daily Dot | February 5, 2018

Republicans are very irate over Maxine Waters calls to protest Trump officials
The Daily Dot | June 25, 2018

Dead mother’s fake FCC net neutrality comments go viral
The Daily Dot | December 15, 2017

Perfect Craigslist ad solicits help for Trump’s legal team
The Daily Dot | March 27, 2018

The jokes about the job fair for White House posts are amazing
The Daily Dot | June 15, 2018

Conservatives are threatening to boycott Walmart over ‘Impeach 45’ clothes
The Daily Dot | July 4, 2018

Twitter is living for this senator’s takedown of Ajit Pai
The Daily Dot | May 17, 2018

Paul Ryan 2020 speculation is rampant after his retirement announcement
The Daily Dot | April 11, 2018

Why do Mets fans tweet, like, and share so much about their favorite team?
NorthJersey.com and The Record | October 8, 2015

Twitter is going crazy over Kellyanne Conway’s fake #BowlingGreenMassacre
NorthJersey.com and The Record | February 3, 2017

Phillies Fire Back at Christie Following His ‘angry’ and ‘Bitter’ remarks about fans
NorthJersey.com and The Record | February 17, 2017

#LetLizSpeak trends online after GOP silences Warren
NorthJersey.com and The Record | February 8, 2017

Social media suggests titles for possible Chris Christie book
North Jersey.com and The Record | December 12, 2017