Below are a sample of stories I’ve written about technology, excluding my beat about net neutrality. For other samples of my writing, click here

Federal judge rules that Trump can’t block critics on Twitter
The Daily Dot | May 23, 2018

Cracking the Trumps’ massive ‘egg’ following on Twitter
The Daily Dot | February 4, 2018

Reddit suspends account claiming to be Austin bomber
The Daily Dot | March 21, 2018

Russia behind ‘malicious’ Grizzly Steppe cyberattack, U.S. says
The Daily Dot | April 17, 2018

Congress quietly snuck a major data privacy act into its spending bill
The Daily Dot | March 23, 2018

FCC wants to reclassify mobile internet as broadband, and that’s a problem
The Daily Dot | December 21, 2017

Twitter purged bots last night and conservatives are furious
The Daily Dot | February 21, 2018

Facebook hires first ever cybersecurity director
The Daily Dot | January 24, 2018

Some simple ways to step up your online security and The Record | February 17, 2017

Twitter to use algorithms to spot abusive users and The Record | March 1, 2017

New ‘highly effective’ scam targets Gmail users and The Record | January 18, 2017

Vine, the popular video app, shutting down on Jan. 17 and The Record | January 5, 2017

Netflix users beware: latest scam asks for personal info and The Record | January 13, 2017

Tech aficionados mingle as start-up movement grows in NJ and The Record | August 10, 2015