Net neutrality

Below are a sample of stories I’ve written about net neutrality, and the fight to save the rules in Congress. For other samples of my writing, click here

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How net neutrality defined a decade of internet activism
The Daily Dot | December 20, 2020

A major net neutrality domino toppled in California—will other states follow?
The Daily Dot | March 10, 2021

How Republicans plan to pollute the net neutrality debate with Big Tech gripes
The Daily Dot | February 8, 2021

Why is Joe Biden silent on one of Obama’s most important policies?
The Daily Dot | March 30, 2020

Why is Kyrsten Sinema bucking her party on net neutrality?
The Daily Dot | May 10, 2019

Net neutrality comments were ignored by the FCC—will Trump’s social media order be different?
The Daily Dot | August 4, 2020

For marginalized communities, net neutrality is about way more than Netflix
The Daily Dot | May 26, 2018

New House Democrats campaigned on net neutrality, but will they act on it?
The Daily Dot | January 13, 2019

Behind the scenes of the 2017 web-wide net neutrality protest
The Daily Dot | July 12, 2017

Talking net neutrality and the digital divide with Gigi Sohn, former FCC counselor
The Daily Dot | March 23, 2021

Either way, the 2020 election could end the net neutrality fight forever
The Daily Dot | November 3, 2020

Meet the advocates who took the net neutrality fight directly to Congress
The Daily Dot | June 26, 2018

Will states create the federal net neutrality standard?
The Daily Dot | October 11, 2019

Exclusive: Bernie Sanders pledges to nominate FCC commissioners who will reinstate net neutrality
The Daily Dot | July 30, 2019

Some House Dems are backing away from the Save the Internet Act
The Daily Dot | May 21, 2019

Meet the home brewer turning beer into a case for net neutrality
The Daily Dot | June 16, 2019

How net neutrality activists are going face-to-face with members of Congress
The Daily Dot | May 2, 2018

Republican rep. goes dark after promising support of net neutrality petition
The Daily Dot | July 24, 2018