Net neutrality

Below are a sample of stories I’ve written about net neutrality, and the fight to save the rules in Congress. For other samples of my writing, click here

For marginalized communities, net neutrality is about way more than Netflix
The Daily Dot | May 26, 2018

Kavanaugh’s toxic net neutrality record went mostly unnoticed during hearings
The Daily Dot | September 11, 2018

Behind the scenes of the 2017 web-wide net neutrality protest
The Daily Dot | July 12, 2017

What you need to know about the official repeal of net neutrality
The Daily Dot | June 11, 2018

What’s next for net neutrality after the Senate’s big win?
The Daily Dot | May 18, 2018

Why Trump’s SCOTUS pick concerns net neutrality proponents
The Daily Dot | July 10, 2018

Meet the advocates who took the net neutrality fight directly to Congress
The Daily Dot | June 26, 2018

All of the best times Ajit Pai was roasted on Twitter
The Daily Dot | May 30, 2018

Former FCC head calls Ajit Pai’s plan to gut net neutrality an ‘abomination’
The Daily Dot | December 6, 2017

Twitter is loving this senator’s takedown of Ajit Pai after the Senate vote
The Daily Dot | May 17, 2018

Senate passes net neutrality CRA, sending the fight to the House
The Daily Dot | May 16, 2018

How net neutrality activists are going face-to-face with members of Congress
The Daily Dot | May 2, 2018

Burger King trolls Ajit Pai with net neutrality ad
The Daily Dot | January 24, 2018

Here’s why critics are slamming the GOP’s net neutrality bill
The Daily Dot | December 20, 2017