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Why is Joe Biden silent on one of Obama’s most important policies?
The Daily Dot | March 30, 2020

Republicans have long decried ‘utility’ regulations for broadband, but now want it for Google
The Daily Dot | June 8, 2021

TikTok rally signups could force Trump campaign into compliance nightmare
The Daily Dot | June 26, 2020

Trump is fixated on Fauci’s first pitch—but is it the ‘worst’ ever?
The Daily Dot | October 20, 2020

Why Congress’ police bill ‘doesn’t begin to go far enough’ on facial recognition
The Daily Dot | March 5, 2021

The first-ever bill to ban armed robot police dogs is coming
The Daily Dot | March 18, 2021

Joe Kennedy’s stock portfolio is filled with tech companies he wants to regulate
The Daily Dot | September 1, 2020

Cory Booker slams GOP healthcare proposal in Montclair stop
NorthJersey.com and The Record | March 20, 2017

Transgender advocates call for state guidelines after Trump removes federal protections
NorthJersey.com and The Record | February 22, 2017

Social media suggests titles for Chris Christie’s possible book
NorthJersey.com and The Record | December 12, 2016