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Trump’s Twitter account flooded with at least 900,000 fake or inactive followers in May alone
5/30/17 | “The DAILY DOT” | LINK





This is what Trump’s fake Twitter army looks like
5/33/17 | “The DAILY DOT” | LINK





Trump’s attack on the Constitution that nobody likes to talk about
6/5/17 | “The DAILY DOT” | LINK



Bernie Sanders supporters are suing the DNC: Here’s what you need to know
5/21/17 | “The DAILY DOT” | LINK





Meet the community tracking every time Trump contradicts himself on Twitter
6/8/17 | “The DAILY DOT” | LINK





After Comey testimony, everyone’s talking about obstruction of justice—but what exactly is it?
6/10/17 | “The DAILY DOT” | LINK





New ‘Covfefe Act’ could make it illegal for Trump to delete his tweets
6/12/17 | “The DAILY DOT” | LINK





The Trump–Russia scandal: A complete timeline, from Michael Flynn to James Comey
6/12/17 | “The DAILY DOT” | LINK