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Trump’s Massive Twitter Following Is A sham

“The Daily Dot” 10/25/17

Cracking The Trumps’ massive ‘egg’ following on Twitter

“The Daily Dot” 2/4/18

The striking difference between Trump’s Response To Pulse and Las Las Vegas shootings

“The Daily Dot” 10/2/17

Trump’s Attack on the Constitution That Nobody likes to talk about

“The Daily Dot” 6/4/17

Trump’s Twitter account flooded with at least 900,000 fake or inactive followers in May alone

“The Daily Dot” 5/30/17

What Sean Hannity’s Response To Trump-Mueller news reveals about Republicans

“The Daily Dot” 1/26/18

No, INfowars didn’t just blow the lid off of #ReleaseTheMemo

“The Daily Dot” 1/23/18

How Trump’s Biggest Fans responded before and after learning the Las Vegas SHooter was White

“The Daily Dot” 10/3/17

How internet activists will make net neutrality a 2018 election issue

“The Daily Dot” 1/4/18

“The Daily Dot” 11/5/17
“NorthJersey.com / The Record” 3/20/17