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New website tracks Trump’s extensive war on journalism

“The Daily Dot” 8/2/17

Trump’s attack on the Constitution that nobody likes to talk about

“The Daily Dot” 6/5/17

Major Republican group launches a propaganda site posing as news

“The Daily Dot” 9/19/17

Conservative media goes ballistic over Trump’s possible DACA deal

“The Daily Dot” 9/14/17

Right-wing website is selling bizarre ‘fake news’ clothes for some reason


Here’s why the murky world of digital political ads matters

“The Daily Dot” 9/14/17

Trump’s favorite pollster awards Fox News his ‘Fake News Trophy’

“The Daily Dot” 11/30/17

Facebook unveils new ‘context’ tool to help users spot fake news

“The Daily Dot” 10/5/17

“The Daily Dot” 10/3/17