“Main Street”

I wrote a weekly feature in “The Record” titled “Main Street,” focusing on challenges inherent to different kinds of small businesses in New Jersey. For other samples of my writing, click here. Due to a change in The Record’s website, some articles must be viewed in PDF format.




As baseball-card sales drop, North Jersey card sellers look to the stars
3/24/14 | “The Record” | PDF




North Jersey comic book stores count on repeat business to keep stores profitable
2/17/14 | “The Record” | PDF




North Jersey baseball stores reinvent themselves as youngsters push to club teams
4/7/14 | “The Record” | PDF




Valentine’s Day not the business boom you’d expect for North Jersey florists
1/27/14 | “The Record” | PDF




North Jersey book stores write new chapters into their business models
1/13/14 | “The Record” | PDF




National Record Store Day boosts vinyl sales for North Jersey shops
4/21/14 | “The Record” | PDF




Technology is costly for North Jersey auto shops
2/10/14 | “The Record” | PDF